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Welcome! Our mission is to help people learn and engage through the power of maps, images and stories. Our exhibits are interactive and, if you are registered, you can view all exhibits and also be a part of our curating community.

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Tom Paper (

“As map librarians who teach a variety of classes using print maps, we have found The Digital Gallery to be an excellent substitute for the in-person experience. We have created exhibits for two classes so far and the students have been very pleased and engaged with the platform. The Digital Gallery allows students to move easily from map to map and to zoom in to the maps at a great level of detail. The “dot” feature has allowed us to annotate the maps with questions and observations for the students to consider. We very much look forward to using The Digital Gallery with future classes.” Ilene Raynes and Naomi Heiser, University of Colorado, see article here.

"As close to a three dimensional approach to the internet as I have found, The Digital Gallery provides viewers with an engaging means to explore the fascinating world of maps - both contemporary and vintage. The images depicted allow a deep dive into the history of each of the featured maps along with audio narration in several cases. Knowledgeable and motivated viewers will also be able to make their own contributions to the site. As a site contributor, I highly recommend participation on the part of others." Peter Hiller, Curator, Jo Mora Trust and The Digital Gallery exhibits titled "Jo Mora in Yosemite" and "Jo Mora In and About Carmel-By-The-Sea."

"Already achieving several thousand visits, The Digital Gallery (TDG) has demonstrated appeal to those with broad interests in maps, history, and art. Its features, including videos, zooming in and out, and DOTS, make it interactive and engaging. Many visits to our exhibit on "George Washington and the American Revolution” have been prompted by postings on social media, such as Facebook sites for map societies and history groups. TDG is a wonderfully enjoyable way to learn!" Ronald S. Gibbs, Author, The Long Shot, and curator of The Digital Gallery exhibit titled "George Washington and the American Revolution."

"The Digital Gallery is a wonderful addition to the map world. It presents maps of all kinds, portraits of the cartographers and relevant information.It also uses a dot location system for locating particular places on the maps. I am very pleased with the Digital Gallery and have presented the series of religion-related maps by Ortelius. It is very pleasant to work with Tom Paper the founder and director of the gallery." Leonard A. Rothman

Articles and press about The Digital Gallery:
* Calafia, September 2020, Publication of The California Map Society